A Leader in Pediatric Cancer

At Cohen Children’s Medical Center, we are continually expanding our expertise in childhood cancers. We are proud of our facilities that bring the most innovative solutions right into our neighborhoods, including the Stem Cell Transplantation Unit – the only one of its kind on Long Island – and the tri-state’s first MIBG program to treat neuroblastoma. We have become a destination hospital for children with cancer and are nationally ranked in this specialty. We participate in clinical trials throughout the year and offer novel cancer treatments like Gene Therapy and CAR T-CELL therapy. We’re committed to funding brilliant researchers as they search for even better solutions.

Seeing the Problems. Finding the Solutions.

As a children’s hospital, we pay attention to health concerns that affect kids differently than adults, and we tackle them head on. Out of 75,000 children who develop sepsis each year, nearly 7,000 die. That’s why age-specific pediatric sepsis protocols are embedded at Cohen Children’s, and we use the most advanced treatments – like ECMO – to ward off this life-threatening condition.

Young patients with complex conditions like sickle cell disease are also particularly vulnerable when they transition from child care to adult care, with mortality rates increasing 7-fold during that delicate time. That’s why Sophia Jan, MD, chief of General Pediatrics at Cohen Children’s and her research team are taking on this complicated issue, expanding her expertise so that we can expand our care.

The Real Story: Zoe Carino

“No matter how heartbreaking the diagnosis… you have a good fighting chance.”

Zoe Carino was an infant when her parents discovered a lump on her left shoulder. They went to her pediatrician and were immediately sent to the hematology / oncology unit at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Before long, they heard the devastating diagnosis,  Zoe had neuroblastoma.

But with the news came hope. Zoe’s mom, Maria, remembers Lawrence Wolfe, MD, speaking to her on that fateful day, and telling her that “they’re going to take care of not only Zoe, but our whole family as well.” He said “No matter how heartbreaking the diagnosis… you have a good fighting chance.” Zoe became part of a clinical trial, underwent two cycles of chemotherapy, and received personalized care from Dr. Wolfe and the entire oncology team at Cohen Children’s. After five years, she finally heard those wonderful words, “cancer free.”

Zoe is one of the more than 700 children and young adults who make up the Survivors Facing Forward – Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program.

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